Easy Homemade Savoury Waffles

Chai Spice Loaf

Spring has sprung and September being an official month to enjoy our heritage, we focus on light nutritious baked treats and embracing South African family favourites.

Another joyful season is finally upon us and we all agree that there will never be a dull moment in the kitchen.

All seasons bring us their best eating moments and experiences. We can’t be shy about it; food is fantastic, it brings families and friends together. It’s time to enjoy fresh flavours and new tastes of the season. I am proud to brag that my herb garden served us all we wanted; fresh parsley, baby onions, radishes and cocktail tomatoes; joys of farm life.

My sons and I went easy this morning on the very first Sunday of Spring. We made scrumptious savoury waffles. The voting system booted me out, I wanted us to use bran based flour but as you know with kids ‘white’ is cool. Nevertheless, what a classic way to kick off spring. The nice thing about this recipe, you can use any vegetables in your garden or fridge. I am firm believer in using items lying in the pantry, baking can’t be a bank breaker and yet I want to demystify the notion that baking is difficult. All you need is the drive to learn and a knee-jerk to fear not. See, not bad…

Let’s go and see what is in the pantry?  This easy and yet characteristic dish will blow your socks off.

Good Food! Happy Family! Happy Nation!

Duration: 20 – 30 Minutes  Level: Easy  Portions: 2 per person (4 individuals)


250g of cake flour

3 free range eggs

250 ml milk

1 spoon brown sugar

100g softened butter

10ml baking powder

½ tsp salt

1 medium red onion or 1 stalk of leek

Handful finely chopped parsley

80g grated Parmesan cheese

Any herbs and veg of your choice will do, indeed there are no limitations.


Using spray and bake, grease waffle skillet and put aside.

Sift dry ingredients together.

Separate eggs yolks from whites. With an electric hand mixer, beat egg whites until stiff.

In a separate bowl, add milk, yolks, butter and using a whisk beat together until well combined.

Slowly add flour and stir together. Add all vegetables and cheese and incorporate. Fold in egg whites until well combined.

Heat the skillet.

Pour 2 spoonful of batter on both sides into greased hot waffle skillet.

Cook for 2 minutes on each side.

Once well-cooked transfer onto serving plates.

Serve warm and put fillings of your choice.

We enjoyed ours with slowly oven cooked fluffy scrambled eggs filled with sauté leeks and mushrooms.

For lunch desserts, we welcomed spring embracing one of our own South Africa’s home brewed dishes; peppermint tart in edible pot plants. Look out for the recipe in our next issue.

Baking tips 2


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